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Put names to faces in Slack.

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Never forget a co-worker's name again!

🧐 Review a few faces each day.

Faced Repetition is a bot for Slack that helps you learn your co-workers' names and faces using a cognitive technique called Spaced Repetition. Each day, Faced Repetition will prompt you with a co-worker's profile photo from Slack's directory and ask you to select the matching name from four names.

Match faces to names.

When you match the correct name to a profile photo, Faced Repetition will schedule your next review of that face further in the future. As you master a face/name pair, you'll review it less and less frequently until you've completely mastered it!

🤔 Learn!

If you're like us and you occasionally have trouble putting a name to a face, Faced Repetition will schedule another review of that face for your next review session. You'll start getting that co-worker's name right in no time! It's Brain Science!

Ready to get started?

‚ÄćAdding the Faced Repetition bot to Slack is super easy!

👷 Install the app

Click the "Add to Slack" button to install Faced Repetition to your team's Slack workspace.

Add to Slack
💬 Start a Direct Message with @Faced Repetition

Open a Direct Message with @Faced Repetition. It'll start scanning your Slack directory for names and faces to study. You can walk through the lovingly-crafted onboarding that will tell you all about Spaced Repetition while you wait!

🎓 Study!

Any time you want to review some names and faces, just type study in your Direct Message with @FacedRepetition!

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