Double Your Training's Effectiveness

That amazing training you gave yesterday? Your learners have already forgotten most of it. To make learning durable, you need to provide practice exercises and supplemental content to your learners after the training, outside the classroom.

Trainify is here to help. Quickly create quizzes, exercises, and supplemental microcontent or take advantage of our growing library across a wide variety of topics. Trainify's friendly chatbot will adaptively deliver them to your learners in bite-sized chunks right where they are—in Slack.



Quickly create supplemental microcontent, mulitple-choice questions, and flashcards to support your training using Trainify's simple authoring tools. Organize your exercises by topic, skill, or course.


Engage your learners where they are— in Slack. Your exercises are delivered to your learners via Trainify's friendly chatbot. Learners are engaged using an adaptive, spaced-retrieval schedule that dramatically increases retention and time to mastery.


How are your learners doing? Trainify tracks learner engagement, responses, and mastery over time. Prove your training's effectiveness with deep analytics and presentation-ready reports.

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